Spanking Scenes

I recently read a post in the SF&R discussion group about how lacked any worthiness in signing up. While it is true that the site does not appear to be updated in about 4 years you need to see some value in the sites offer. For a one time fee of $12 you get full access to the site for 31 days. On the very first day I was on the site I managed to download about 50 videos and a couple hundred images of some really hot F/F spanking action. When you consider that you can spend something like $25 and get only two or three clips on a clips4sale site I think this is a pretty darn good deal. Granted it’s sad that the site is not producing new content coz the girls are hot and the spankings are great. But on the other hand your not getting re-billed, you pay once and that’s it. Let’s face it we are all guilty of signing up for a site and being like oh ok I’m only going to sign up for one month and that’s it and then you forget to cancel or can’t figure out how to cancel and BAM you credit card gets charged again. All that considered $12 for a whole bunch of videos and a whole bunch of pics is a pretty great deal.

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