Folsom Street Fair

I’m not sure if most of my readers know this since most of you are from different parts of the world but every year here in San Francisco we have the Folsom Street Fair a big bondage and leather outdoor event. While that show seems to be largley gay guys and seems to be about more hardcore bondage where as I’m a straight, old fashoned open hand to bare butt spanko but the fair had some really great moments and scenes. One of my personal favorite moments were three hot girls getting some kind repetitive spanking for somthing called EroticaSF they gave me their business card but it really does not explain what they do I got an email from them, they are a private company that does spanking shows. I mean regarless I’m sold if this video is an indication of what they do.Yeah I know that was pretty great huh? Right out on the streets on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy an afternoon. I gota say it’s a pretty fun event and it really does involve the whole community. You really get the perspective of the police recruiting booth when you look at the two photos at the same time.SFPD Recruiting 1   Police recruiting 2 There are some more great photos of spanking and other fun stuff to check out on my FotoFap slide show page you can enjoy here:

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  1. Thank you so much for both shooting and posting this video!

    We really enjoyed performing at FSF.

    Our company is a new sensual performance group that is dedicated to providing high-end private erotic entertainment to voyeurs everywhere.
    Though we are based in the bay area we are available for any form of private event from 1 – 100+ guests.

    If you like live spanking shows, either M/F, F/F or MF/F you should check out the pre-beta version of our website. Though the site is not finished yet, nor is it spanking or any other kind of porn, you WILL find information about the services we provide and the scenarios we offer. Many of our scenes include an element of spanking or kink of some kind.

    Please note, our website is not .com…Thank you for adding the link to the blog however that was very kind of you!

    Thanks again for shooting that great clip and posting it on your blog. We are honored you enjoyed our brief performance so greatly!

    Captain Erotica and the Ladies of EROTICA

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