What is this?

I’m really not clear as to what Reality Check TV is all about but it seems to be focused on the porn industry. If that is the case I’m still not clear as to what this is an outtake of or how old this is supposed to be? It looks like it’s about ten years old but so does most of the footage on their YouTube page so it’s hard to tell, anyway enjoy!

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  1. Ace says:

    Thanx for the posting here, which I/we find curious that this clip has become so popular. That said, we appreciate the support, and always like it when we get attention of any kind. as for the clip itself, it was part of an episode from probably 5 years ago, and is just a throwaway bit that was posted to show the mayhem that goes on behind the scenes (no pun intended) at RCTV HQ.

    About Reality Check TV: We focus on anything that makes life worth living, which can be porn, but can also be loud music (Rock, Punk, Metal and the related sub-genres), Classic Film & TV, Pop Culture Icons and whatever else is fun. Drop by youtube.com/realitychecktv1 for more RCTV.

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