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I am reviewing the new spanking website a new website from either Eastern Europe or Russia.  The site has been around for a few months now and has built up a roster of about 15 models. The models all have a similar skinny physique and tight booties. Even though the dialogue is not in english with subtitles the spanking action is great. The girls squirm and are receiving some very hard spankings. All the spanks have a very real feel and you totally get to see shots of hot spankings from the action end and see the girls reaction. The bottom line is that if you are looking to save some cash this is a good buy for your spanking buck. For $13 you get 15 days which is plenty of time to download the sites videos and images building your spanking library with some really hot spanking content. With that please enjoy this hot spanking clip and check out even more free spanking samples by clicking here  

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  1. mathew hoath says:

    those girls are so hot I could suck there faginas an fuck them at the same time and send one through the mail 1302 t1r1c2 brooks ab so I can fuck them………………………………………………………. hope they like sex

  2. admin says:

    Best comment ever!

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