A Great Collection of Spanking Photos

Instead of posting photos of spankable bottoms and fun spankings I remembered these pages when I was messing around on another computer tonight. I had honestly forgotten that they existed and to be honest some of the photos are dated but they are certainly some awesome spanking photos and some very spankable bottom in the collection. Enjoy! 

http://www.underground-animations.com/Public/Hidden%20Pages/cphoto2.htmhttp://www.underground-animations.com/Public/Hidden%20Pages/cphoto3.htmhttp://www.underground-animations.com/Public/Hidden%20Pages/cphoto5.htmhttp://www.underground-animations.com/Public/Hidden%20Pages/cphoto7.htm http://www.underground-animations.com/Public/Hidden%20Pages/cphoto8.htm 

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