$10 Spanking Sale

There is a $10 for the first month sale till this Saturday the 6th sale going on at spankingbarebutts.com. I’ll be honest, the person who runs the site has not given me any images just sent me images that I can use with the format of the posts on this blog and there is no thumbnail gallery. I haven’t purchased a membership but I can tell the the “Tour” tab that they have about 60+ videos from various shoots with a variety of different cute models. Most of the videos have previews and include a variety of different F/F and F/M spankings in different positions OTK, over the bed, over the chair and a few other positions. The girls are all cute and have defiantly spank-able bottoms. Now like I said, I haven’t seen the members area the performances could be total crap, But for $10 who cares? If you are going to get a paycheck between now and Saturday, I say get your aunt a cheaper toaster for Christmas this year and blow $10 on a few hours of spanking porn to get you through the holiday season. 


Spanking Bare Butts 


spanking-1.jpgspanking-2.jpgspanking-7.jpgspanking-8.jpgspanking-11.jpg spanking-34.jpg

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