Spanking Blogger Michelle

Michelle is a hot little blogger who has an awesome set of big juicy boobs and more important a booty that needs some hard spanking. I would love to get this chick over my knee and tan this bottom a nice rosy shade of red.


Most of her postings on her personal blog is all about her big boobs, check them out at Amateur Busty Michelle

In addition to doing her big boob work she is totally involved in the spanking scene with a grand total of 5 spanking blog. Dam this girl really puts the one blog bloggers like me to shame. I’m planning on starting a few new blogs but she is devoted to the genre. Here blogs are the following, please be sure to click on each and show this awesome girl some love.

Cutiepies Sexy Spankings
Spanked With A Paddle 
Sexy Fetish Spankings
Spanked Over Panties
Girls Smacking Boys

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