New Site: Big Booty Spankings

With the new year almost upon us a new spanking site is here and I’m sure you are all going to love it. Big Booty Spankings found at is a site totally devoted to hard, firm OTK punishments of girls who got the junk in the trunk. I know this will appeal to my audience because a few months ago I posted on the subject of big booties and I got more responses then from any other post. The site offers DVD’s and membership options. At $50 per dvd the membership option of $20 per month is a really good deal. In the members area they have about 12 or so videos but it’s actually a good deal. The films are all about 15 minutes long and come in mp4 format so you can download to your iPod/iPhone or other mobile device (so you can take it with you for the holidays) and the videos are high enough quality that they can be played on a home theater personal computer like an AppleTV. If you want to check out some sample videos head over to the Big Booty Spanking Blog at for videos and info on new videos.


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