Which one is Photoshop?

I love naked bottoms especially when they come in groups. This is a pretty cool case where it appears someone has either added or removed some bottoms and tan lines. Which one do you think is real?take 1  take 2

2 Responses to “Which one is Photoshop?”

  1. wello says:

    the real one is the one on the left with them wearing the panties and the heart tattoos

  2. Bob says:

    Clearly the one of the right is fake
    1) nobody would “add” panties
    2) the photo on the right is poor quality, and appears to have been compressed multiple times. This is a common problem when people edit compressed photos, such as in the jpg format.
    3) 3rd girl from the left, who is showing the most of her butt in both photos, is missing some of her crack in the right photo.

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