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Cam girl bare on

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

I have posted the bare bottom version of my cam girl getting spanked bare bottom on

In that version she is getting spanked in her cheerleader costume and she is totally hot and has such a nice ass watching it get spanked is so hot. The video is only $4.00 and it’s really worth it. I have posted a shorter version on YouTube below. Catch it while you can or click here and pony up a few bucks to help keep your totally independent spanking blogger and video producer going.

Spanking Blogger Michelle

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Michelle is a hot little blogger who has an awesome set of big juicy boobs and more important a booty that needs some hard spanking. I would love to get this chick over my knee and tan this bottom a nice rosy shade of red.


Most of her postings on her personal blog is all about her big boobs, check them out at Amateur Busty Michelle

In addition to doing her big boob work she is totally involved in the spanking scene with a grand total of 5 spanking blog. Dam this girl really puts the one blog bloggers like me to shame. I’m planning on starting a few new blogs but she is devoted to the genre. Here blogs are the following, please be sure to click on each and show this awesome girl some love.

Cutiepies Sexy Spankings
Spanked With A Paddle 
Sexy Fetish Spankings
Spanked Over Panties
Girls Smacking Boys

Blog Link Exchange

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

I have been sending out emails to all the naughty bloggers who have not linked back to me. I’m removing all the old blogs and adding some new ones. This blog as sadly plain as it is does get on average about 1,500 unique visitors a day. See my stats so far this year:

spanking blog data

I’m not posting this to brag I’m this because I don’t feel it’s enough, my goal is at least 2,000 so I’m asking bloggers to join with me and link up and we can all enjoy the traffic. Just to show a sign of good faith through the end of the rest of the year I will not only link up with but I will also do a post about any blogger who agrees to do a blog link exchange. I’m going to start with my next blog so hang on here it comes….

Little Spanking Scene

Monday, December 8th, 2008

I’m not sure where this one is from, I’m thinking it’s from some 80’s film but it’s hard to say. The actress is being pretty over dramatic perhaps a little to much so. The title of the video refers to her being a big ass getting a spanking, I think her ass is perfect for a spanking she just needs to get spanked harder.

Rock of Love Charm School Spanking

Monday, December 8th, 2008

I finally got a chance to watch this show tonight. While the girls do wear the sexy school girl outfits there is a serious lack of spanking. None the less I would love to see the the blond girl on the far left sticking out her thumb to get a serious spanking.  

charm school spanking

Crazy birthday spanking fetish video

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

It’s a little hard to put this video in a category it’s from the Dallas fetish ball. It’s a crazy costume, stage, spanking ass biting clusterfuck of girls getting crazy on stage. I’m not sure if this is hot or just weird but whatever it is it’s worth a look. If it gets taken down post a comment and let me know, I saved a copy and I can repost. Oh and the girl getting spanked is Emily Marilyn you can see more of her here (non-spanking):


$10 Spanking Sale

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

There is a $10 for the first month sale till this Saturday the 6th sale going on at I’ll be honest, the person who runs the site has not given me any images just sent me images that I can use with the format of the posts on this blog and there is no thumbnail gallery. I haven’t purchased a membership but I can tell the the “Tour” tab that they have about 60+ videos from various shoots with a variety of different cute models. Most of the videos have previews and include a variety of different F/F and F/M spankings in different positions OTK, over the bed, over the chair and a few other positions. The girls are all cute and have defiantly spank-able bottoms. Now like I said, I haven’t seen the members area the performances could be total crap, But for $10 who cares? If you are going to get a paycheck between now and Saturday, I say get your aunt a cheaper toaster for Christmas this year and blow $10 on a few hours of spanking porn to get you through the holiday season. 


Spanking Bare Butts 


spanking-1.jpgspanking-2.jpgspanking-7.jpgspanking-8.jpgspanking-11.jpg spanking-34.jpg

A Great Collection of Spanking Photos

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Instead of posting photos of spankable bottoms and fun spankings I remembered these pages when I was messing around on another computer tonight. I had honestly forgotten that they existed and to be honest some of the photos are dated but they are certainly some awesome spanking photos and some very spankable bottom in the collection. Enjoy! 

Site Review: Spanking Experience

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008


I am reviewing the new spanking website a new website from either Eastern Europe or Russia.  The site has been around for a few months now and has built up a roster of about 15 models. The models all have a similar skinny physique and tight booties. Even though the dialogue is not in english with subtitles the spanking action is great. The girls squirm and are receiving some very hard spankings. All the spanks have a very real feel and you totally get to see shots of hot spankings from the action end and see the girls reaction. The bottom line is that if you are looking to save some cash this is a good buy for your spanking buck. For $13 you get 15 days which is plenty of time to download the sites videos and images building your spanking library with some really hot spanking content. With that please enjoy this hot spanking clip and check out even more free spanking samples by clicking here  

Or click this link:

Bear Bottom Spanking

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Right it’s a Bear Bottom Spanking haha. Let me know when it’s the girls turn 🙂  

Bear Bottom Spanking