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I rarely get to see the kind of hot but endearing kind of spanking action that I get from one of two sites from Audrey Knight. She and Abigail Whittaker are a super cute pair of lipstick spanko lesbians. The two of them have a really sweet, stern, and sexy feeling to their spanking videos. For those of you, who like the scolding pre-spanking dialogue you will be happy and for those that don’t (me) the videos are cut in a way that you can skip the dialogue. The spankings have a great feeling of realism mostly OTK spankings with some bent over strapping on Audrey and some of her friends tight little asses are really hot!

 The other site  is mostly F/M with some F/F spankings as well. I don’t really get a great structured feel from this site. The theme seems to be that Audrey is dominant and spanks although the site lacks as clear a direction. None the less the spankings are really great quality and if you are into F/M then you would really enjoy this site. In addition to hot spanking videos you get lots of still images and some really cool bloopers videos.  

The bottom line is that the spankings are original and hot so I really encourage you to get the New Year off to a good start, show this spanko some love. Return the stupid toaster you’re relative got you for the holidays and spend it on seeing Audrey administering some hot spanking action.



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  1. Audrey Knight is so hot. She should get spanked sometimes. I especially love it when she spanks a girl with cotton panties on and gives her wedgies. There should be a site called that focus on panty spanking with wedgie pulling and picking!

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