And the winner is Russian Institute – Lesson #4

A week ago I asked everyone to look at a video and try to figure out what film it was from. I want to thank the user who is identified only as “F” for finding the film. As it turns out the film is from the Marc Dorcel’s series Russian Institute – Lesson #4 there are about ten films or “lessons” in the series. The girls look really hot in there sexy school girl outfits and they have some really hot sex scenes but the spanking scene takes place in the first part of the movie. You can watch the whole movie here:

The spanking scenes are here, part 1:

Here is part 2:

Oh man I really love this spanking scene this might be my favorite spanking scene that I have scene in a while. I love how well it looks and watching those girls in sexy little outfits getting hard spankings. I wish there was some OTK spankings administered bare bottom to these naughty girls.

That site has some really great old spanking films. Some of them I have never seen or have not seen in a long time. Check out the spanking section here:

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