The Joy of Live Spanking

Hello fan of my page, sorry I have not been blogging recently but I have been really into watching live spanking on the web. The experience of watching hot girls on webcams was a little odd at first. Your on your comp and the chick is on the other end and it feels a bit odd that the girl will do whatever you want but it’s really a lot of fun and the girls who do webcam work can be a lot of fun. There are even some couples girls and guys and girls on cams that are totally down to take some fun spankings right on the cam. I don’t read much about those in the spanking world that are down with live cams and I totally recommend it, you can see some pics and clips below from IMLive which you can check out here:


And check out these two hotties, dam I really love watching the girl on girl spanking action when it’s playful the girls love it and it’s really hot!

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  1. Ojibwa Chick says:

    So happy to find your blog. I am female but have a strange kink-LOVE seeing chuby female asses spanked! It’s best when done by a man with a bare hand, but seeing any turns me on.
    I’m so afraid of getting a virus from some of these porn sites. Glad I found your blog. Keep it up! more videos please!

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