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Socal Glamour Girls Spanking

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

I found this video this morning and it’s pretty cool as viral videos go. Her name is Bella Lei and she advertises her self as a cam girl who loves skateboarding and rapping. If you click through to her page she has a video of her rapping. Supposedly you can get with her on her cam but I can’t figure out how to do this or when she will be live. Hopefully she will be a naughty little skateboard punk and get spanked again.

Big Booty Spankings

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

The at Big Booty Spankings has been really busy spanking some big asses. He uploaded this clip to Spanking Tube and it’s pretty good:

Check out his site too, his movies are all DRM free and he has lots of really good big ass content at

And a little love for SpankThatBrat

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

And I want to give a little love to who is doing there annual $99 subscription sale. Spank That Brat for the times when you just want to spank that brat.

Real Spankings and Punished Brats

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I found a couple clips over the weekend from Real Spankings and Punished Brats. I have not mentioned either of these sites in a while and watching these clips I can see what made them really great.

It Hurts So Good: A Short, Quick Guide to Sensual Caning

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I had a great chat with the writer M. Christian last week. He is an SF based writer who wrote a short quick guide to sexual caning, which you can read below. You can check out his blog here:

“Are you ready, Worthless Slave?” Mistress Nastina growled with disgust, tapping one of her finest birching rods in the palm of one of her shapely, though frighteningly strong, hands.

     “Y-Y-y, Mistress,” the quivering male kneeling before her said.

     “Then it is time for you to receive PUNISHMENT!” Nastina hissed, a serpent preparing to strike, the cane arcing down with a blurring, moaning sweep towards his pale, gleaming ass ….


     Whoa — just hang on there a second Mistress:  More than any other S/M activity, caning has perhaps the greatest gap between serious enjoyment and literary depictions (unless you are speaking of Pat Califia or Laura Antoniou — who know of what they write).  Go after someone with a “blurring, moaning sweep” and you are not going to have a delighted submissive, but rather one really pissed-off bottom screaming his, or her, safeword louder than Pavoratti with his nuts in a mousetrap.

     To be fair, the real way to enjoy a stiff birch (or plastic, rattan, bamboo, etc.) rod isn’t all that … well, dramatic.  Who’d buy a book that has the above but rather than that blurring, moaning motion of the rod instead we have “delicate, rhythmic tapping”.

     Literally rather dull — however, this is the key to the true enjoyment of caning.

     Before getting into exactly what I mean by “delicate, rhythmic tapping”, a bit, first about basic safety — which is that we all should talk about, and get real familiar with, in regards to S/M.  Caning involves, basically, hitting someone with a long, thin rod — sometimes organic (like rattan, bamboo or similar), sometimes not (like acrylic or other plastics).  That being the case, it’s always important to know where you can hit someone. 

     Here’s a crash course in basic body safety in regards to cane play.  Like most impact portions of S/M, the ass, nature’s joy-buzzer, is the primo piece of real estate for caning — especially the zone called by wildly-grinning S/M practitioners:  The area at the base of the ass, just below the tailbone.  The sweet spot is so named because with a good beat, the bottom gets their genitals nicely worked via the sympathetic vibrations through the fatty, muscular portions of their ass.  Unlike other impact toys (like floggers of paddles), canes are not the best on the back — though sometimes people prefer that.  The reason I usually try and dissuade folks from whacking each other on the back is because of the number one no-no of impact play:  The spine.  Our best friend, the spine is something never to hit — and with canes even a glancing blow can be very sharp, and rather forceful … even with “a delicate, rhythmic tapping”.  Some folks also play on the thighs (at much lower power), but generally your prime turf is the ass.

     Suffice it to say that unless you happen to be in a Turkish prison, the bottom of the feet are nowhere you want to go with a rod.

     Okay, we’ve got the turf staked out — the ass, paying particular attention to staying away from the spine, the base of the spine, and the kidneys (put your hands behind your back — there they usually are) — now all we need is a weapon of choice.  As this is a “Short, Quick Guide to Sensual Caning” don’t take what I say here as absolute gospel:  Get thee out to thy local S/M emporium, take thee classes in technique, buy thee instructional videos, and read thee books.  This is, more than anything, a good place to start learning — but definitely not a place to stop.

     For instance, it’s rather difficult to describe the finer nuances of something like caning, but damnit all I’m gonna try — if anything gets fuzzy start doing some research, do some play, and — bingo — you’ll have your answers.

     No then:  Toys!  Like said, canes come in two basic breeds:  Natural and not … and the differences can be worlds apart.  Starting with the Goddess-made, organic canes are cheap, readily available, and can often be on the slightly-lower end of the sensation scale (though this usually depends on a lot of factors).  Man-made canes are generally a lot more expensive, harder to find, and usually are on the high end of that ‘ouch!’ meter.  The big difference between the two is cleanliness — getting a bit ahead of myself, sometimes, completely unexpectedly, a caning might result in a bit of blood (usually from a zit or similar).  Since organic canes can’t be completely sterilized (even if treated with a varnish or similar), the rule is:  You bleed on it, you own it.  Plastic, though, can be effectively cleaned with just a bit of diluted bleach. Keep in mind that while HIV dies pretty damned quick after exposure to the air, Hepatitis can linger for weeks outside the body.  Play safe:  be clean!

     One of these days I am going to seriously published a paper on the Physics of S/M — but till I get some scholarly assistance, my theory remains a bit simplistic — but otherwise accurate:  The amount of sensation any toy brings a bottom is dependent on a variety of factors:  Material (artificial usually hurts more), thinness (the thinner, the more of a ‘sting’ to the toy), weight (heavier equals deep bruising, more of a ‘thuddy’ sensation), and spring or acceleration (faster equaling more of a ‘bite’).  Thus:  a thin, heavy plastic cane will be a much more of a sharp pain than, say, a thick, light, wooden one.  Choose your weapon with care, Mistresses and Masters — what you pull from the bag can have a very big affect on your bottom.

     As can how you use it.  Once again, leave Mistress Nastina on the book shelf where she belongs.  Unless you’re going for pure punishment strokes, the best way to use a cane is like a fast, steady metronome — those “delicate, rhythmic tapping” strokes I mentioned.  Here’s a great exercise:  Take a pencil or a chopstick and your thigh — smack yourself once like the fearsome Mistress Nastina does, and then like you’re doing a Buddy Rich drum solo.  I think you’ll quickly find that while the Nastina stroke is closer to Nazi SS Women in Bondage, the Buddy Rich tapping quickly becomes somewhat pleasurable.  Remember, the drama is the spice, but the pudding is endorphins — and the best way of raising them is slight rhythmic tapping, slowly raising in intensity over a given period of time.  Try it out on yourself and you’ll see that’s right.

     But a cane is not really a pencil.  One of the hardest things to master with a cane is how to make the damned thing behave.  This is where we get to M. Christian’s Theory of the Grain (patent pending):  Take your new toy (plastic or natural), hold the handle and steadily move your wrist to get it waving up and down — just enough to get the tip moving a foot or so.  After a few seconds (unless you’re lucky) you’ll notice that the cane is not exactly behaving itself — flying all over the place or slowly wobbling.  Now, turn the handle a little bit and try again — after a few turns, you’ll find a direction where the cane will go straight up and down, with no oscillations.  This is what I call the ‘grain’, the balance point in the cane so that when you use it on your next willing (hahahaha) victim you’ll be able to control exactly where it goes.

     Like with floggers, one thing you have to really watch out for is wrapping — where the tip of the toy falls beyond the curve of the ass and thus accelerates must faster than the rest of the cane, snapping around and, well, wrapping.  The symptoms are usually obvious … to the bottom:  A split second gap between a nice impact on the fatty tissue of the butt and a welt-raising pop as the toy speeds up.  The solution is easy, though — just pull back a bit so that the surface of the toy doing the hitting impacts on that sweet spot. 

     Note:  More than any other toy, it is rather important that about two or three inches of the cane are actually doing the hitting.  Sometimes people play by positioning themselves so that only the very tip of the rod does the striking, and while this can be hot for them, most people would rather not experience the pinpoint agony — so be careful to make sure the end of the cane, and not the tip, is going the smacking.

     I will not make any obvious jokes here about rhythm — because I really think that we all have some to a degree.  With caning (as with flogging) it’s important to keep up a regular beat (and a one, two, three, four ….):  Go after a bottom with a staggered irregular impact and you’re going to have someone pissed-off rather than turned-on.  Yes, you can play with different beats; sure, you can hit harder or lighter — but first you have to pump up those natural opiates with a good, sensual build up of smacks.  After the bottom has been guided upwards by your careful drumming on their tukus, then you can start to play with them a bit — lengthening the time between strokes, making them harder/softer, etc. — but never loose that sense of timing.

     Okay, now that you’ve learned the basics it’s time to speak about the same of aftercare.  Canes can be nasty suckers — even when used lightly.  Untreated canes have been known to produce little splinters that can easily escape detection at the start of a scene, but that can draw blood.  If you have a little blood, don’t freak — just clean the area, put a band-aid on it, and toss (or clean if it’s plastic) the cane.  Canes can also cause bruises on people who have a tendency to, or — if used hard — welts.  Neither are dangerous but can be painful:  For bruising, vitamin E and then a routine of heat then ice will usually take it right now.

     Something else, that comes up sometimes — people who like to use very natural, or have their bottoms go out and (ala too many childhood traumas) cut their own ‘switches’.  This can be a lot of fun, but remember that natural can also mean ‘dirty’ or ‘allergic’.  Best advice:  Stick to store-bought and treated — no scene is worth a nasty inflection or a bad reaction.

     There it is, folks; a Short, Quick Guide to Sensual Caning — so go out there, take up a nice rod, and have some fun … and just don’t tell Mistress Nastina I said she does it wrong.

4th of July Spanking

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

To all my fellow country men and women I wish you a happy 4th of July. I like to think of this as a day to give thanks to the right to have the freedom to publish blogs like this one. I am about to start a BBQ on vacation down here in LA to celebrate my self, but before I do I wanted to post this pic from Dallas’s Live Journal. You got a nice city my friend a great place to do some spanking here are a few of the red, white, black and blues from his site.