Run out of internet juice

Well my plan of having more videos on my site has run into a bit of a snag. The company I was paying to host videos BitsOnTheRun has run out of the bandwidth I bought after only two days. On one hand this is awesome because it means I have plenty of loyal people visiting my site even after my two month hiatus. It’s bad because I want to be able to offer all you good people videos to watch and comment on in the interest of cometary and public discussion. But since free speech is not exactly free then we need to come up with a solution. There are a few possible solutions the fist would be if anyone knows of a free video streaming service that accepts porn from third party sources for discussion. Most either require no porn or 100% ownership of content.

TheĀ  other options which might be a more sustainable option would be to either place ads on the blog, have more articles that incorporate affiliate links back to paid sites such as the Spankenstein review. Another option would be to do more advertising of my spanking videos on which in many was was always my hoped to use this blog as a method of advertising my videos and having an open discussion at the same time. This blog as 2,000+ unique visitors every day. If 5% of you buy a video every month from me or a video from someone else that I have an affiliate relationship with then that is enough to sustain this blog.

And now with that I open this up for discussion to everyone. Please comment on this post if you want to make your opinion public or email me at if you want to keep your comments private. You can keep your opinions simple or be more descriptive, I really don’t care and you wont hurt my feelings. In fact everyone who sends me feedback I will send you a free spanking video as a way of saying thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think.

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  1. Nemesis says:

    Hey have you considered It’s pretty much the same concept as youtube and you could upload vids there and embed them here in your blog. Just a thought.

  2. Tom says:

    I will buy one of your videos because you have the best spanking blogg.

    How can I purchase one


  3. admin says:

    SpankingTube is a great site but you can not post videos on it unless you have 100% ownership of the videos. Also it takes a long time to get the videos approved unless you pay them. I am starting to think that paying them is not a bad way to go for the videos I produce.

    You can purchase my videos at if you email me at and tell me you heard about my videos through my blog I’ll send you a second video for free!

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