Japanese Version of Secretary

I always find it funny with another country makes a remake of a movie from another country, American filmmakers do this all the time with French films. I’m not sure if this is a true remake of a scene from Secretary done in Japanese or if this is a porn film parody, regardless it is entertaining if you speak Japanese or not.

5 Responses to “Japanese Version of Secretary”

  1. Chross says:

    second one is gone – can you re-upload?

  2. admin says:

    No Chross, I asked a few weeks ago for advice from the viewers of this blog on how I could afford to host clips on the site and no one responded. No one bought any of my clips and no one thought advertising was a good idea. So now I have no way to afford hosting clips on this blog so once the clips are off YouTube they are gone.

  3. Chross says:

    you might just upload them to a file host like rapidshare or depositfiles ?

  4. admin says:

    Not a bad suggestion I will try that next time.

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