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Spanking on Webcam

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

The webcam has been one of the best inventions for the fan of amateur porn. The best part is that after easy recording the videos are quickly on the web for all to enjoy. Check out this hot webcam spanking:

Secretary Spanked

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Here is a fun little video that’s about ten years old. None the less it repeats my earlier post of self spanking. It’s a pretty good OTK spanking and a self spanking. Enjoy!

Lolita Spanked

Monday, December 28th, 2009

The title is Spanking Lolita I do enjoy a watching a young Lolita get spanked but this video is a bit odd:

Sexy Self Spanking

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

I have been trying you watching girls spank themselves and it’s pretty fun. Granted not as fun as spanking them my self but I am having a good time none the less. You can see an awesome example of a self spanking video here from Ash. I have always really enjoyed her self spanking videos:

My recent self spanking adventures have been via webcam on this great adult webcam site. For about $2-$3 per minute you get to direction the action and tell a hot chick how to spank her ass and tell her what to say. I love to make them beg me to stop and then have them spank them selves harder and harder with a belt. Anyway give them a shot it’s a good deal.

FetLife Give Away

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

For any of you fans of Fetlife or fans of kinky stuff the website Fetlife is giving away free spanking and bondage related toys this Christmas, it’s 100% free. You can check it out here:

End of The Year Blow Out Sale

Friday, December 25th, 2009

I am offering a great deal for anyone interested in building their spanking video collection. If you buy any video at I will send you any two videos of your choice for free. Just purchase a video at and email me at with your order number and the titles of the videos you want and I will send them to you. Happy Holidays!







The Naughty Elf – a Christmas Poem

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

By PhilK on FetLife.

Now Christmas is coming and Santa is busy With so many presents it makes him feel dizzy, There are thin ones and fat ones in all shapes and sizes And some that will come as unpleasant surprises, And all must be wrapped up and labelled and sorted To make sure they get themselves duly transported. While on top of all this Santa must keep an eye on The army of elves that he has to rely on, For though most are hard workers, a few – being elfish – Are inclined to be mischievous, sassy and selfish.

Now one pretty elf – Merry Meg is her name – Has managed to gain quite a measure of fame, Or even of – one might well say – notoriety, For flouting the rules of North Polar society And behaving in ways that are most incorrect, For elves are expected to show some respect. But instead, she calls Santa ‘a beardy old berk’, And finds numerous pretexts to dodge out of work, Till the senior elves start to mutter, “For tuppence I’d give that young minx her much-needed comeuppance!”

Then, one afternoon of this busy December Comes a day that young Meg will forever remember. The workload is heavy, the workshop is sweaty, The dust in the air hangs as thick as confetti, And Meg mutters, “Bollocks! Screw this for a lark! The old sod keeps us slaving from dawn until dark! Well, this is one elf who’s had more than enough; I’ve got some good shit here – I’m off for a puff!”

She glances around and then, ducking her head, Sneaks out through a door at the back of the shed That leads to the stables; and there, on some hay, Meg sits herself down without further delay And rolls a fat spliff which she lights with great pleasure And then settles down to enjoy it at leisure.

But what Meg hasn’t noticed, unwary young elf, Is she’s not all alone, as she thinks, by herself. For although up to now he’s not uttered a word A red-coated figure has seen what’s occurred. Yes, it’s Santa! who likes to drop in every day To check that his reindeer are all quite OK.

So now he steps forward: “What’s this? An elf shirking? Just sitting about when you ought to be working? And smoking, right here in the stables? What folly!” (Just for once, Santa doesn’t appear at all jolly.) “Thanks to you, my poor reindeer could well have been harmed,” He growls, and young Meg starts to feel quite alarmed. Santa snatches the spliff, stubs it out on his boot, Then tucks it away in a fold of his suit. “Good, so that’s dealt with that. As for you, my young sprite, I think you’ve a lesson to learn here tonight! Your attitude, girl – why, my palm fairly itches! You’ve been getting a damn sight too big for your britches! A good long hard spanking’s what you need, my dear, So that’s what you’re getting – right now, and right here!”

And at that he grabs Meg without further ado Though she curses and swears till the air turns bright blue; But the next thing she knows she’s across Santa’s knee And the floor of the stable is all she can see. “Let me go!” hollers Meg. “You old sod, don’t you dare!” “Oh, don’t I?” grins Santa. “Young lady, that’s where You’re very mistaken, for over the years I’ve spanked any number of naughty girls’ rears. But before I spank yours just as hard as I mean to, There’s one little matter that has to be seen to.”

He produces a whistle and blows a shrill blast; And in no time a senior elf arrives fast. “Ah, Guido, that’s good – would you fetch me my paddle? The cherrywood one, y’know? Fine – now skedaddle!” As the elf dashes off, Santa turns his attention Back to Meg: “Now, young lady, it’s time I should mention When I spank naughty females, I start off by baring ’em, So now down come your panties – assuming you’re wearing ’em.” “No! Help! Don’t!” yelps poor Meg, but her cries go unheeded; Santa knows when a bare-bottom spanking is needed.

He flips up her short little tunic, revealing A sight he finds charming and very appealing: Two plump rounded cheeks clad in panties of green. “As pretty a bottom as any I’ve seen,” He chuckles, “and thoroughly spankable, too! So spanked it will be, Meg, I’m promising you.” Then he peels down her panties with pleasure and care Till her pretty, soft bottom is temptingly bare. “And now,” he says, stroking her ripe rearward curves, “For the treatment a naughty young elf-girl deserves!”

Santa takes a firm hold on the small of Meg’s back, And then down comes his hand with a vigorous SMACK!!! ‘Yeeowww!’ squeals the elf as she feels the sharp sting, But that’s nothing to what the next ten minutes bring. Santa knows how to spank a brat soundly and long, He’s exceedingly old, but his arm is still strong. And he spanks her soft squirming bare bottom so hard That her yelps can be heard clear all over the yard. Her cheeks blush bright red, and then rosier yet; This spanking is one Meg will never forget.

“Owww! It hurts! Please, no more!” begs the penitent sprite, But it seems Santa’s ready to spank her all night. His hand rises and falls, and with each stinging swat Meg’s defenceless rear end grows increasingly hot. The power of his arm seems in no way diminished, But he pauses at last, and Meg thinks it’s all finished. No such luck, though; for Guido’s returned, broadly grinning. The worst’s yet to come, this was just the beginning. And with him arrive, to Meg’s utter dismay A whole lot more elves to enjoy the display.

“Aha!” chuckles Santa, “my paddle! That’s splendid, Inscribed with its motto ‘Best spanked, soonest mended’.” He strokes the cool wood across Meg’s scarlet rear, And the sensitive mounds seem to tremble with fear. “Such a beautiful bottom, all rosy and hot, But has it been spanked enough yet? I think not! Once a girl’s been well hand-spanked, this paddle, I find, Is ideal to apply to her tender behind.” “Oh please, Santa!” wails Meg. “I can’t take any more! My bottom’s already so terribly sore! I’ll work harder, I promise! I’ll really be good!” But in vain; Santa raises the merciless wood And proceeds, quite ignoring her desperate shrieks, To ignite further fires on her blazing rear cheeks.

Poor Meg! How she wriggles! but wholly in vain, For the paddle, descending again and again, Makes her bottom so sore that it’s starting to seem Sitting down may become an impossible dream. If her cheeks get much hotter from such a fine belting, The entire polar ice-cap may soon begin melting.

“Well, young lady,” says Santa, still paddling soundly, “This naughty bare bottom’s been spanked very roundly. Has your lesson been learned, do you think, my young beauty? From now on can I count on you doing your duty? Or perhaps – since I really would like to be sure – I should paddle your bottom for ten minutes more?” “Oh no, please, dear Santa!” the elf responds tearfully, “My poor bottom’s on fire and stinging most fearfully! No more spanking, I beg you! If only you’ll stop I’ll become quite the best-behaved elf in the shop!”

“Very well, Meg,” says he, “I believe you’re sincere; You’ve been spanked good and hard. Now it’s over, my dear.” He helps the elf up, and she buries her face, All tear-stained, in Santa’s paternal embrace, While the rest of the elves start to cheer and applaud, Pleased to see Meg’s misdeeds have received their reward.

Santa hugs her and cuddles her close while she cries, Then strokes her hair gently and dries off her eyes. And Meg feels all at peace, though her bottom’s still blazing; The release a good spanking can give is amazing. “So now, back to work – and remember, young elf, I’m expecting to see you behaving yourself!” Chuckles Santa, applying a swift parting swipe That makes her scoot off with an agonised “Yipe!”

Then Santa, who once more looks jolly and ruddy, Repairs to the snug of his own private study And, chuckling as if at a wonderful joke, Pulls out the fat spliff Meg was planning to smoke, Lights up and sits back with a sigh of delight. “Young Meg’s spanked rear end was a glorious sight,” He muses. “This Santa-ing’s bloody hard work, But to spank pretty elves is a definite perk!”


Thong Leotard Spanking

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

The video is almost mechanical in nature, how her arm swings again and again. There is somthing strangely beautiful about this shot. The quality of the video is crisp and yet color coded to an early 80’s cable TV quality. I don’t know why but this video is hypnotic. I love it.

Ariella Ferrera Spanked Again

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Before I could even find another video I see that Ariella Ferrera has been naughty again and get’s another four swats with the belt. I love her reaction to getting spanked, you really believe it.

Ariella Ferrera Has Been a Naughty Girl

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

I have never heard of this girl before, she has a solo site and she has a kind of tight bod. It’s fun watching her get spanked and squirm and freak out while getting spanked.