Top Techniques to Bring Role Playing into Your Relationship

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Whether you have been dating forever or just a few months, role playing can breathe some fresh life into your relationship. The same thing can get old after a while and you need to switch things up to keep the interest up and orgasms coming. And you’d be surprised at how many couples engage in this type of fun. Here are 10 steps on how to be the captain and make it happen.

1.    The first step would be to decide what type of role playing you’d like to try. What are both of your fantasies? Discuss possible scenarios and what would turn you on. Perhaps, James Bond and the Russian spy he captures or the President and his sexpot secretary. Even playing doctor. There are so many choices. If you can’t agree on a specific theme, you can both pick one and do them both—just make sure your partner is OK with both.

2.    Go shopping together to get your wardrobe and accessories. If you want to play nurse and patient, you can go to a place nurses buy their outfits. Have your girl act like she’s really a nurse and she’s buying clothes for work—only you two will know the real deal. Or go online and pick the items out together, while she sits on your lap or you two lie on the bed. has tons of costumes and ways to dress up in the bedroom. And, costumes and props definitely make it more real and sexier.

3.    Talk about what you’re going to do before you embark on your adventure. You can make it loose or be specific. It might even be hot to write a script together. But, don’t be reading from a script while you’re in play mode. Glance at it before the action starts so you remember the key points. It’s more about having fun and getting turned on, rather than memorizing your lines.

4.    If either of you have boundaries or things you’re uncomfortable with, now is the time to bring it up. Perhaps you are playing cops and robbers, but your playmate has issues with bondage and cuffs. Make sure to discuss these things first, before the action starts. You may even want to use a safe word, like “RED” for stop, or “YELLOW” for slow down. 

5.    If you’ve always wanted to have a three way, now might be a good time to make that happen. Let’s say your fantasy is college professor and the young student who is hot for teacher. But, maybe you want to do this with two students. Ask your girl if she has a friend that can take part in your fantasy. If she says yes, you’ve just scored.

6.    Decide if you are going to do this on a specific night or it’s going to be spontaneous. Planning ahead can be the better choice, because you can work out the way it’s going to go in your head and get turned on before the action even happens. It also fun to masturbate to the potential scenario—and you get off twice.

7.    Once you start the games, remember to stay in character. For example if you’re playing stripper and male customer in the strip club, you will really want to pretend you are that character. Your girl might swing around on the stripper pole for you or give you a lap dance, but the whole time she’ll be treating you like total stranger. You might talk dirty to her or whip out some cash. Really, go there in your head.

8.    If you always use protection (yes, condoms), make sure to use these during role play. You can even let it be part of the games. If you and your girl are playing hooker and her John, make her put the condom on you before the action begins. This is also very important if you’re not monogamous. Safety first.

9.    Play freely and really get into your roles. You’re no longer Billy and Jenny. You are the lady of the house and the butler having an illicit affair (or whatever role turns you on). Let go of your inhibitions and embrace the fantasy. You’ll be glad you did.

10.    After it’s all over talk about what you liked and didn’t like. This might be something you discuss another night, so you won’t ruin the fantasy and that sex afterglow stuff. Figure out what worked and didn’t work and what your next adventure will be.

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