Titled: I Love Long Spanking, And Red Is My Color

I like bare hands spanking, right on my exposed chicks like a little girl that deserves her punishment.

I like it when the heat builds up.

Since at first, the spanking is just a surprise and no more.

After a while, the skin burns, it becomes red and sensitive.

Even the slightest touch makes me shiver.

Hard slaps make me sob.  And I am all exposed.

I like it when it doesn’t stop.  I am being caressed during.  My skin is sensitive.  Every touch is like a fire.

When heat builds up more, I start to cry with tears.  I like it when it doesn’t stop.  And I am being kissed.

And then, come soft slaps on around my pussy.  Which I bless, since I am tender. And thankful.  And giving myself completely.

Good spanking put me in a situation.  And then I like to be told to do things.

Found here: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Like-Being-Spanked/854185

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  1. Aunty Andrea says:

    Lovely post, such beautiful words and thoughts.

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